tiny step #15 – uses for dryer lint

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• reuse lint to start fires. stuff an empty paper egg cartons with lint. stuff it full and close the lid. make a hole in each “egg” at the bottom of the carton. pour melted candle wax in each hole. let this dry until the wax is hard (2-3 hours).

• use it as stuffing. collect lint over time and keep it in container in the laundry. next time you whip up a stuffed toy or a round cloth ball, you have instant stuffing courtesy of all the pieces of fabric and fluff your clothing left behind.

• line plant pots with dryer lint, then add potting soil and plants. the lint keeps the soil in, but lets the water out.

• use it as packaging buffers. instead of going out and buying foam peanuts or some other less environmentally considerate product, use the lint. it is clean, soft and flexible. it can be ideal to package around fragile items being sent somewhere else.

• fill an onion mesh bag with a mixture of nesting material, including small pieces of dryer lint, small pieces of yarn or string (no bigger than the length of your thumb), hair from your hairbrush or dog hair, feathers or leftover strings of moss from your craft projects. hang from a tree in the springtime, ready for pickup by your grateful feathered friends.

• give it your small pets as nesting material. try it for mice, rats, guinea pigs, etc.

• make dryer lint clay. mix 2 cups of lint with 1/3 cup room temperature water, 6 tablespoons of white glue and 1 tablespoon of clear dishwashing liquid. add food colouring if you want to change the colour. mix and then knead into a clay. use for making clay items as with clay of any type.

dryer lint is highly flammable-  do not use dryer lint to stuff toys or crafts, puff out appliques, or make pillows.

instructions for other lint recycling uses:

use lint for a fire starter

paper mache, clay & paper

lint fire starters

dryer lint art

video: reuse dryer lint


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