red, white…and green


these tips for an eco-conscious 4th of july party prove that life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the pursuit of a thriving global environment, can go hand in hand. having a green 4th of july party is a great way to make your lifestyle more environmentally friendly so that all americans, and all peoples across the world, can thrive on a healthy planet. read on to discover ten simple ways to “green” your celebration of the red, white, and blue.


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tiny step #12 – green up the garage and workshop


while you’re cleaning out your garage this summer, consider greening it as well.

unplug your power tools
figure out which cordless tools get the most use, then unplug the chargers on all the rest. most cordless tools have nickel cadmium (nicad) batteries, which will hold some charge for up to a year. they lose 15 to 20 percent of their juice each month, but only take a couple of hours to power up again. newer tools with lithium ion batteries lose just 2 to 5 percent of their charge each month, so they’ll be ready to go even if you haven’t charged them in ages.

spread sawdust on your floor
take the superfine shavings captured by your dust collection system, wet them down, then push them around with a stiff broom to sweep your concrete garage or workshop floor. the mix is as good as a power-guzzling shop vac at picking up dust but doesn’t swirl it into the air.

seal your doorway
making your garage more eco-friendly also means protecting your home from the fumes that might leak in. it’s important to make sure that the doorway from the garage into your main living area is properly sealed. add weatherstripping if there is not any already, and make sure that cracks are sealed with caulk or expanding foam.

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making your pool enviromentally friendly


blue is the new green — check out how to make waves this summer by transforming your pool into a lean, green, energy-saving machine.

8 ways to green your pool

swimming au naturale

a green technique for cleaning up your pool

use environmentally friendly materials for your pool

green cleaning your pool

eco friendly pool products

•  make your pool eco friendly

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the holly candle shoppe – environmentally friendly


holly candle shoppe is a michigan-based, woman-owned, family-operated company that hand-pours all of its candle products in small batches from premium, all-natural soy wax, which is made from american-grown soy beans, a renewable and sustainable natural resource.

the wax is grown on american farms and bought from american suppliers.  jars are made by an american glass manufacturer and bought from an american distributor. our variety of packaging is all american-made, too.  melting the wax, mixing the dyes, and applying the fragrances in all done in-store as well. the candle shoppe uses all-cotton braided wicks in all of  candle products that are lead and chemical free which do not leave a messy residue and do not emit harmful toxins into the air when burned.

great effort has been put into selecting a supplier for  packaging that uses environmentally friendly paperboard that is biodegradable, recyclable and a renewable resource… and  orders are packed with bio-based/biodegradable packing material.

recycle and refill candle program

the holly candle shoppe has developed a way in which customers can make better use of the glass jars, plastic tea light holders and travel tins. they are refill  at a discounted cost!

click here to find out more about the recycle and refill candle program for these items.

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fresh produce available at happy family farms


happy family farms offers certified naturally grown produce.  they let mother nature do what she does best and uses no commercial pesticides or fertilizers. they also offer tips on minimizing your carbon footprint, green classes and delivery and easy pickup of produce.

Brian & Becky Johns

2001 Pierce Street
Flint, MI 48503

find out more about happy family farms.

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the nature conservancy encourges non-invasive plants


the nature conservancy and meijer stores are teaming up to encourage shoppers to select non-invasive plants, trees and shrubs for their backyards. look for specially-tagged plants with the conservancy’s logo.

watch video

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taste of the market

june 20, 2009 • 10am to 1pm

420 East Boulevard Drive • Flint, MI 48503

the flint farmers market kicks off summer with cooking demonstrations at the market. , local chefs from the mott college culinary program, american culinary federation flint-saginaw chapter and some of genesee county’s best restaurants will demonstrate unique recipes over the course of the day.

one of these chefs will return to the market every thursday through the end of the summer to demonstrate another specialty. these thursday events are held on the market lawn at noon.

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